Re: VOTE YES !!(agreement): Re: New option: Leave Extropians as is, start

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Tue, 02 Dec 1997 08:57:26 -0600

I heartily agree that the 2 list scenario is the best of both worlds (because it
allows for both worlds). I do VOTE YES for this idea. Additional services e.g.
those I mentioned in "Re: SNR" may be useful as well. The text of "re: SNR" is
reprinted below:
I feel that most intelligent people who have a lot to contribute probably find
it an excessive waste of
time to wade through so many postings. Therefore, I suggest that all those who
post should be
Extropy Institute (EI) members. I do not believe that basic EI membership
should have a price tag
though. Another electronic community that I am a member of (the HTML Writer's
Guild at has several levels of membership but basic membership is
free. In this way
those who have more time (and admittedly a bit of money) can subscribe to a
print copy magazine
(sort of like Web Magazine), other services, get a plaque (ala Public
Television) or whatever. A live
chat room for Level 2 members, for example might be set up. An archive of the
most popular
threads could be available for Level 3. A member's Guide (on paper, CD-ROM, or
online by
access number) is possible. These things cost money for the owner of the list
but would be paid for
by the members who desire such services. It's a thought worth serious thought.
Maybe a vote of
sorts could be taken. Who would I contact about this plebiscite notion?

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> >>Instead, we could leave the Extropians list as it is, and create a new,
> >>additional list, say ExI-Members, or Extropians-Special, or
> >>Extropians-Insider (or whatever has the appropriate elitist ring to it :)
> >>). That would leave this list more open, but mean we have a more filtered,
> >>probably higher S/N list, with clear guidelines for members, so we would
> >>still have a new members-only benefit to add to the other membership
> >benefits.
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