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Mon, 01 Dec 1997 15:02:13 -0600

Dear friends,

The following is an Update Announcement about the CryoFeast '97 following
the virtual Performance Art Reception:


Performance Art

Opening: Friday, December 5, 1997
at the Transhumanist Art Centre:

morphing into

CryoFeast 1997 Host -- Los Angeles Party


Spanning the gap of cultural domains, this skywalk transports us as a
culture responsible for the creative roles we play in our evolution and the
parts we replace with the techno-science biology.

Like a beacon mapping out a passage into the future, let us to question our
evolution: Why would we want to live indefinitely? Is cryogenics the best
safety-net available today for indefinite lifespans tomorrow? What are the
ground breaking technologies extending life? What about uploads and
artificial life? Are you an Automorpher? You will see a visual language
that illuminates, propels and uplifts us with critical savvy. Open the
floodgates! The power source is on!

You are invited to participate in “The Aesthetics Of Memetic Evolution” by
entering the virtual cryogenics chamber at
Watch the spinning head and see for yourself why you might want to live

This Performance Art event will begin the CryoFeast 1997 weekend. Who will
be there? Creative Minds!

**CryoFeast 1997 Party**

With no further adieu, let the CryoFeast begin:

The 1997 CryoFeast will be hosted in Los Angeles on December 6th at 7:30
p.m. (See below for contact information.) It's a pot luck, so bring your
favorite delicious dishes. Parking is adjacent to our townhouse and we will
have signs up guiding you here.


**Premiere video "Vernor Vinge - The Singularity"
(Prepared especially for the CryoFeast.)
**Fred and Linda Chamberlain, founders of Alcor Foundation
**Artificial life visuals - Karl Sims
(and other video clips)

And, for those of you who would rather expand your brain than your belly, we
have plans for book signings from some of our favorite authors.

While others may be a little behind the times in giving thanks for the
harvest; we are giving thanks for the technologies that may help us to
achieve indefinite lifespans.

I welcome all to attend my home in Los Angeles or the other fantastic
Co-Hosted CryoFeasts honoring Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

CryoFeast 1997 Los Angeles
Natasha Vita More and Max More
4201 Via Marina
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310 306-3129; or

For more information re Co-Hosted CryoFeasts 1997: contact me, or please see
Alcor's Web site:

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