Re: META: volunteering for a >H tech sublist

Philos Anthropy (
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 12:44:27 -0600

What did you have in mind for this ">H tech sublist? " Do you mean a "high
tech" list? Does that mean the technical aspects of human cloning, brain
transplantation, rocket propulsion, etc.? If so, I'd be interested in
participating and possibly helping in the "administrative load" (though I'd
like to know more of what you have in mind for the latter). Feel free to see
my web site: virtual URL is or physically at Sincerely, Bill.

Eugene Leitl wrote:

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> I am volunteering to host and moderate a >H tech related mailing list
> (though not to host the archive, as this box's software is pretty in
> flux).
> I am looking for other individuals (the more the better) to contribute and
> to share the administrative load.
> Comments welcome,
> ciao,
> 'gene