Re: When was the last time an extropian post changed your life?

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:00:07 -0800 (PST)

> As I will explain in a separate message, improving the signal/noise ratio
> is one goal of this change, but it's not the main one. Even if that doesn't
> happen as expected, I think the move is desirable for ExI.

I don't think anyone here would object to your using list membership
simply for revenue. I've never joined ExI simply because they've
never offered anything of sufficient value for my money, and I don't
give to charities. If this list was a benefit of membership, you'd
have my check tomorrow, becuause that's something of value. Whether
or not it improves the list itself isn't really as relevant to ExI's
overall goals as simple revenue, is it?

> Wow, Damien, I'm glad you're not doing marketing for ExI! You didn't
> mention the Exponent newsletter that keeps members up to date on what's
> happening and helps them network, the local meetings, or the substantial
> discount on the EXTRO conference (that paid for half the dues this time
> around).

Wait a minute...the difference between the member and non-member prices
for Extro3 was about $5 less than the cost of membership, so joining
would not have been a significant savings (unless the member prices
listed on the website weren't true).

> Damien, I thought you were a student. If so, the rate is merely $30. Hardly
> a burden. For those who think $95 is too much, note that Alcor yearly dues
> are $360, The Life Extension Foundation (which uses membership to sell many
> products) is $75, and the World Future Society professional membership is
> $95 ($175 for full prof. membership).

Well, Alcor is hardly a fair comparison: I get the emergency services
of a trained cryonics team at my bedside for that money. The others are
more comparable.

> It does costs money to run an organization. The current membership dues are
> insufficient and we don't want to ask yet again for donations. I don't
> understand why so many capitalist-friendly people seem to expect us to do
> all that we do with such a pitiful income.

Nothing says a good capitalist can't be a cheap bastard.

> Yes. Many people just want to talk and not do anything, nor do they want
> to make it possible for others to do anything. We appreciate very much our
> members, who are willing to back their values with a little cash.

Let's hope ExI can demonstrate this time around that giving them money
actually will accomplish something. Rational capitalists, regardless
of their commitment to a cause, won't part with a penny unless they think
doing so will benefit the cause (and therefore themselves).

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