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> > We should be on the lookout for personal bridges into the Chinese
> > cultural world. A few billion humans are both a great resource
> > for and a great threat to our future.
> A good point, but the problem also exist already now in the middle
> east.
> The patriarchal pyramid of the Confucianism (and even earlier in the
> middle age here in Europe) is also expressed in Egypt with the
> recent massacre of tourists. The Muslim millits who did the killing
> consists mostly of well educated young men who hasn't been able to
> find a job after finishing their education. They where not at the
> right level of the patriarchal pyramid. Other more well connected
> members of society gets the awailable jobs.

A few years ago I read that any Egyptian who graduated from
college was guaranteed a government job -- even if he didn't want
US$500 fee for receipt of unsolicited commercial email. USC 47.5.II.227