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Subject: EECS Colloquium Monday Dec 1

The MIT-EECS Colloquium on Monday Dec. 1 may be of interest to the
physics of computation community.


1997 (Fall Semester)
Colloquium Series


Seth Lloyd
M.I.T. Mechanical Engineering


Quantum computers are devices for processing information at the scale of
atoms, photons and spins. Because of their ability to process information
in a way that preserves quantum-mechanical coherence, quantum computers
can perform tasks that classical computers can't. This talk discusses new
developments in the theory of quantum computation and presents recent
experimental results in the application of quantum information processing
to problems of computation, communications, and control.

December 1, 1997
4-5 pm
Edgerton Hall (MIT, Room 34-101, 50 Vassar St.)
Refreshments 3:45