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>Abraham Moses Genen
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>should be the prime concern of all civilized beings.
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>Date: Wednesday, November 26, 1997 7:04 AM
>Subject: Spam alert: unsolicited commercial e-mail
>To all who received the Spam Scam:
>Please be advised that a copy of the recent spam has been forwarded to the
>Internet Fraud Unit at the New York State Attorney General's Office. They
>are coordinating their efforts with the National Association of Attorneys
>General (NAAG), the FTC, the US Postal Inspector's Office, the US Secret
>Service, the FBI and the US Department of Justice. The Canadian Government
>is also cooperating fully.

How about the United Nations, the Keystone Cops, Interpol, and The United
Federation of Planets?

LOVE the acronym for the National Association of Attorneys General. Who pays
for that club, I wonder?
The FBI is a branch of the Justice Department, by the way.

Yeahboy..I can feel those FRNS sliding out of my grip now. All because some
yahoo decided to hock his wares on an internet E-Mail list. Thanks. I'll
try to think of some intriguing ways to spend YOUR money, Mr. Sandberg.


>If you are annoyed by spam scams you may wish to forward any messages you
>may have received by e-mail to whatever law enforcement agency web site you
>deem appropriate.
>Happy Thanksgiving to all,