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Wed, 26 Nov 1997 09:53:48 -0800 (PST)

Brent Allsop [] wrote:
> In spite of his arguments, Dennett's eliminative materialist
>position is not very popular.

The question isn't whether he's popular, but whether he's right. When
people first suggested that humans were descended from apes their
position wasn't very popular, and that situation seems very similar
to the current antipathy to the idea of humans being pretentious

> When I see a juicy red strawberry, there is something very
>phenomenally real and 3 dimensional built out of qualia in my
>conscious mind that is representing this package of sugar in my hand.

Three-dimensional in your conscious mind? You mean there's a 3D
strawberry inside your head? Presumably this means that noone can
ever perceive an elephant or whale, since the 3D qualia wouldn't
fit? And could you point to a qualia, because I'd really like to
see one?

>Though this representation is, in a way, data, there is no
> = TRUE. There is a red phenomenon that represents the
>fact that this package reflects 700nm light. My percept of a
>strawberry just is.

A statement which, frankly, tells us absolutely nothing about
anything... except your belief that you understand how your
brain works. As a scientist I like to have some evidence for
theories, and you aren't providing any.

> Red is fundamentally not anything like 700 nm light. It's
>phenomenal qualities only abstractly represent what light is like.

Yes, it's a database entry.

> It is so much more than a particular bit being interpreted
>as the red bit being true. It is red, no interpretation required.

You assert. Now can you give us some evidence?