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Wed, 26 Nov 1997 03:20:43 -0800 (PST)

Brent Allsop [] wrote:
> But think about this. What is this "tag" that you talk of?
>Why is it? What is it like?

It's an entry in a database; = TRUE. Everything you see
around you is just a database, and Dennet goes to great lengths to
demonstrate this. This is why human perception is so easily fooled,
and why hallucinations may well change a tomato into an elephant,
rather than swapping around bits of the visual field.

> According to this Dennett's statement is self contradictory.
>He is saying we don't have representations, we just have false
>representations that represent such which of course is absurd and self

Nonsense. He's just saying that the high-level executive software
doesn't realise how the low-level software works and is making false
assumptions about it.

> If it is merely a "tag" what how and why is this tag? And
>most importantly, what is this tag really fundamentally and
>phenomenally like.

It's an entry in a database. What's a database entry "really fundamentally
and phenomenally like"?