Re: Uploading, that's needed !! -Reply -Killing mudanes??

John Montgomery (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 18:32:19 PST

>> If I have a robot that feeds me grapes, why would I want
>>>to suddenly go out and kill some backwards religious person that
>>>technology? It's absurd to think there would be a reason for such
>>> Brent Allsop
>>Of course killing them is not the solution and would never be an
>>behaviour in an evoluted world.
>>But a solution sometimes is necessary since such religious people
>>generally get politically organized and simply say (and may even "win"
>>the end) that your robot
>> or human cloning, or anything else are "things of the devil"...and
>>god's wish" ...
>>Cause of such behaviour they are not so pretty good boys/girls...and
>>always must have a more intelligent
>>(and stronger) response for them.
Yes religious fanatics or anti technologists are a danger. But as a
superior intelligence or evolved being one should only pacify threats to
our freedom, not kill off whole peoples since there ideologies are
directly against ours. Diversity must be preserved. If we are talking
about what technology on a scale that nanotechnology will bring us, then
there should be room for all kinds of man to live on one planet let
alone the universe. For example the quakers are fine, in many ways
educational to the way we once lived. Thats the way I see it if others
does not desire to join us in evolving to the next level. Then we
should leave a world for them to exist on. With our technological might
we do not have kill them off, or assimilate them. Just declaw them and
leave them be. The threat is always high that one of these mundanes
might kill us all. We must always take them seriously, have safe guards
in place, and be one step ahead of them. If we are so intellectually
superior, than we should be able to do this

John Montgomery

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