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Prof. Gomes (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 21:28:34 -0300

> If I have a robot that feeds me grapes, why would I want
>>to suddenly go out and kill some backwards religious person that fears
>>technology? It's absurd to think there would be a reson for such
>> Brent Allsop
>Of course killing them is not the solution and would never be an admitted
>behaviour in an evoluted world.
>But a solution sometimes is necessary since such religious people
>generally get politically organized and simply say (and may even "win" at
>the end) that your robot
> or human cloning, or anything else are "things of the devil"...and "against
>god's wish" ...
>Cause of such behaviour they are not so pretty good boys/girls...and we
>always must have a more intelligent
>(and stronger) response for them.