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Date: Monday, November 24, 1997 5:55 PM
Subject: New FBI LIES

Dear fellow Extropians:
Eventually, the insurance companys that represent TWA will have to do their
thing. They will probably try to use every possible legal ploy and maneuver
to avoid paying all the negligence and damage claims resulting from
casualties in the flight.

If there is any validity at all to Mr. Goddard's claims, logic and the
expediency that prevails in pre-litigation procedures would dictate that the
attorneys for the airline will use the theorys proposed by Mr. Goddard in
the defense of their client. As I'm sure you are all aware insurance
companys are usually quite reluctant to part with large amounts of money.

Let's see what happens next.

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> I F N O N A V Y M I S S I L E
> W H Y M O R E L I E S ?
> (c) (11/23/97) Ian Williams Goddard
> Because we don't have videotape of the U.S. Navy shooting
> down TWA 800, we cannot prove by 100% they did. However,
> we can prove by 100% that the FBI is spreading new lies
> to wrongfully damage the TWA 800 Navy-missile theory.
> On the Bob Grant show (WOR Radio, 11/21/97) FBI agent
> James Kallstrom, who headed the FBI's "investigation,"
> said in reference to my TWA Flight 800 inquiry [1]:
> Ian Goddard just two weeks ago was quoted on
> CNN, if CNN quoted him accurately, saying he
> had made it all up, just to sort of poke fun
> at the U.S. government. He backed off of that
> ---> remark, Goddard did, but he sent me an email
> ---> saying in fact he knew it was not true.
> Here you will find the email I sent to Kallstrom, which
> was the article "CNN's Ian Goddard Plot." Kallstrom read
> from it during the FBI's final TWA 800 press conference:
> The beginning of the sentence that Kallstrom read, which was
> the part he did not read, states: "I've always promoted what
> I believe..." The email I sent Kallstrom was an unambiguous
> defense of the fact that I never perpetrated a hoax. Yet
> Kallstrom stands before the American people and tells you
> the opposite of the truth, he tells you that my message
> refuting the false charges of hoax was an admission of
> a hoax. As all can see by simply reading my message,
> Kallstrom's claim is a lie. So why must he lie??
> Kallstrom can't seem to stop. At the press conference mentioned
> above, Kallstrom said that when Pierre Salinger called him a few
> weeks ago, Salinger said he no longer believed the Navy-missile
> theory. Always eager to initiate and/or promote government
> disinformation, CNN commented on that lie, saying:
> He (James Kallstrom) spoke to Pierre Salinger
> who now says he believes the friendly fire
> rumor was just that, a rumor, that is was false.
> The only falsehoods are those flowing from the FBI and CNN.
> On WABC [2] Kallstrom said "Salinger's actually recanted."
> Salinger NEVER told anyone he no longer believes the theory.
> While he said that due to the unrelenting media attacks he
> would stop talking about it, he still believes it is true.
> On the Bob Grant show, Kallstrom also said, in reference to
> the evidence Salinger has presented, "He had no witnesses,
> in reality, he had nothing." No witnesses, no radar tape,
> no drone photo. If we keep saying it, maybe it will be true.
> Kallstrom also said: "Eyewitness testimony is not evidence."
> The truth is that the FBI is actively and willfully spreading
> false information about Pierre Salinger and myself. With such
> proven lies, how is anyone to believe they are spreading true
> information about the crash of TWA Flight 800? If TWA 800 was
> not shot down with a Navy missile, why should the FBI need to
> assault that theory with lies? W a k e U p A m e r i c a !
> With the FBI planning to prosecute another Navy-missile
> theorist, James Sanders, author of "The Downing TWA Flight
> 800," the truth is only too clear to see: the FBI is out to
> destroy those who have promoted the Navy-missile theory by
> any means possible. This is a vicious war on freedom of
> speech, inquiry, and the right to question authority.
> Kallstrom said I told him I lied.... A LIE
> Kallstrom said Salinger renounced... A LIE
> Kallstrom said witneses not evidence A LIE
> Kallstrom said no naval excersises.. A LIE
> Kallstrom said the USN is innocent.. A
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> [1] THE BOB GRANT SHOW, November 21, 1997. The James
> Kallstrom interview begins around 1:25 on real audio:
> [2] WABC-TV Interview of Kallstrom was a part of the
> "Eyewitness News Conference," on November 23, 1997.
> You can see a video of the FBI's final press con
> via this CNN (Cover-up Network News) webpage:
>VISIT Ian Williams Goddard ---->