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Brent Allsop (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 17:30:39 -0700

Anders Sandberg <> responded:

> Your vision sounds nice, but can it be guaranteed? We live in a
> world where things do go wrong, where unexpected things happens
> despite precautions and where not everything is done with positive
> consequences in mind. Our development is linked with dangers, and
> the future tends to turn out vastly different than our predictions.

True, but just because some religious people reject technology
all together and are surpassed and made insignificant by the rest of
the technological world, doesn't mean they loose their right to exist
or to need! We don't go out and kill them or anything just because
they reject technology. They still own and farm land and do what it
is they want. Just because our "needs" deal with more technology and
progress doesn't mean their "needs" should be disregarded does it.

True we should be cautions and careful. But why would
anyone's need, no matter what, be thrown out as everyone (man,
machine, transhuman...) else's ability to fulfill their needs are
increased? If I have a robot that feeds me grapes, why would I want
to suddenly go out and kill some backwards religious person that fears
technology? It's absurd to think there would be a reson for such

Brent Allsop