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Brent Allsop (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 13:39:54 -0700

Anders Sandberg <> responded:

> > Anders Sandberg <> remarks
> > >Of course, the most important
> > >question for people to think of is how to be needed.
> > Hmmm Anders, you may well go down in History for that quote ( I hope
> > its yours :) )Never before has such an apparently inocous and simple
> > statement had more momentous implications.

> Thanks!

Needed for what? What is it that is "over" in 50 years? Is
there some God or machine or something that will kill us because we
are not "needed"? Why? This all seems bassed on completely backwards
assumptions and absurdities. We are the ones that have need aren't
we? Not the other way around or not something that needs us!?

In a world of plenty there is plenty to fulfill all needs.
There will be Gods and machines just waiting to do whatever it is each
and everyone on of *US* needs, whatever we are and whatever we freely
decide that we need.

Brent Allsop