Naming: administrative details

Arjen Kamphuis (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 18:36:34 +0100

My friend and fellow founder Berrie was so good to remind me of a
legal/administrative detail related to a newly chosen name.

We have to clear a new name with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (make sure
the name is not already taken by another company or organisation). This
will cost some time and money. Regrettably this is yet another limiting
factor in our name-choosing proces. The contest will close on the 6th of
december and them we have to choose and register the name, that will take a
week minimum. Expect final results around 15th of december.

On the up-side: if ideas keep coming in at the current rate there will be a
_LOT_ of choice. And while we're at it we are getting a nice classical
education ;-)

My break is nearly over so I'll keep this short:
Thanks to everyone who came up with an idea so far (keeo 'en coming!) and
thanks to all those who helped keeping this a civilized and grown-up
discussion. We owe you.


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