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Anders Sandberg (
24 Nov 1997 15:26:58 +0100

Douglas Whitworth <> writes:

> Anders Sandberg <> remarks
> >Of course, the most important
> >question for people to think of is how to be needed.
> Hmmm Anders, you may well go down in History for that quote ( I hope
> its yours :) )Never before has such an apparently inocous and simple
> statement had more momentous implications.


> BTW, this is only my second mail to the list , although I've followed it with
> increasing interest for a while now. So " Greetings everybody from
> Durban, South Africa"
> (Yes, the Extropians have finally crept this far South)

Welcome! Nice to know that we really exist across the entire globe
(Mitch is in Australia, do we have somebody in South America too? And
who will be the first extropian in Antarctica?)

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