Re: warm the Sahara

Anders Sandberg (
23 Nov 1997 00:26:12 +0100

Bradley Graham Weslake <> writes:

> No, I didn't misunderstand you, I said the above tongue in cheek. I also
> wanted to test out something I read on the ExI home page. It said something
> like "and no, we do not have a sense of humour." I assume this is sarcastic?

Obviously I failed the humor part of the Turing test. Oh well, I can
still manage to fool people at the scientific bombasm test. :-)

Sorry for reacting that way, my norepinephrine levels have been a bit
too high recently - we better find a way to directly deal with the
adenoisine-tiredness signals than caffeine. As you might know,
caffeine also impairs cognition dealing with uncertain or contradictory
stimuli, which might include humor. Well worth researching.

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