Honey, I shrank the transistor

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Meet the Transistor of the Future
by Ilan Greenberg

8:51am 21.Nov.97.PST
Things will get a lot faster in about 12 years.

That's when computers and other digital devices will
reap the rewards of Bell Laboratories' latest transistor
advance. The research arm of Lucent Technologies
published a report this week outlining its newest world
record, a transistor that is four times smaller, five
faster, and draws 60 to 160 times less power than
today's similar devices.

While Bell Labs and others - most recently Toshiba in
Japan - have built small transistors in the past, this
latest advance in nanotechnology is the most
promising new technology for building the kind of
power-integrated circuits that boast many billions of
transistors on a single silicon chip, as opposed to
today's chips, which pack mere millions of transistors


While the achievement is an engineering milestone,
many other advances must come together before this
new transistor - which is only 182 atoms wide and
boasts an insulation layer that is only three layers of
atoms thick - appears in commercially available