UPL: Octopodes Pages

Twink (neptune@mars.superlink.net)
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 15:43:31 -0500 (EST)

I've found a few octopodes (allegedly, the correct plural of "octopus")
pages that might get all of us up to speed on this issue. These are:

http://www.marinelab.sarasota.fl.us/OCTOPI.HTM (layperson level

http://is.dal.ca/~ceph/faq.html (a FAQ which covers many issues,
though it seems more oriented toward those who want a neat
addition to their fishtank)

http://is.dal.ca/~ceph/rearing.html (this is an essay on rearing
octopodes, which should prove helpful to any would be uplifters)

http://www.ffexpress.com/setverts.htm (is a pet store which sells
brown octopodes (O. vulgaris) for $22 per organism

http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~palaeont/FOSSCOL.HTM (devoted
to evolution of Octopodes and related phyla)

http://www.siris.si.edu/ (the Smithsonian Institution's bibliography
page which has loads of listings for cephalapods, though the
texts themselves are not accessible there)

Daniel Ust

P.S.: I'm using UPL in all my posts on uplifting from here on, to make
archiving/reference easier.