Re: Re Excedo & namingcontest update

Berrie Staring (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 11:31:56 +0100

Kathryn wrote:

> I recall having this discussion on the Transhumanist list. Not
> everyone agrees with the arrow as a general metaphor for
> transhumanist progress, considering that (i) evolution does not
> progress in linear fashion and (ii) original thinkers tend to graph in
> circles or spirals.

Kathryn, don't tell me........your an artist and want us to add
an other $100 for the one who makes a perfect logo for us :-)
Well......this will be a point for our next meeting.

Serious: points taken (I think they are very good) and we should
discuss it in our group.

Keep you all posted.
Thanks all for visiting our site, we will add more in
English asap.

Best regards,