Re: UPLifting Octopi Again

Michael M. Butler (mbutler@comp*
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 21:03:42 -0800

OK... Let me say that I have doubts about uplifting something as alien as
octopi.They're mostly-solitary carnivores from a part of the ecosystem we know
very little about (the cold parts of the Pacific), and they're
startlingly-advanced cases of parallel evolution. But they're molluscs. They
could turn into an enemy a little too easily for my liking. I'd prefer trying
to uplift something a little closer to us--something mammalian. Call me a
chauvinist if you want to. I used to joke about what I thought would
constitute a _real_ "crime against humanity"--giving house cats (F.
domesticus) hands. I think uplifting octopi might be almost as bad.


Twink wrote:

> Also, because I am not a moral relativist, I would also like to
> hear anyone who believes this is wrong or isn't sure speak
> up.
> Daniel Ust

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