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Arjen Kamphuis (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 03:54:30 +0100


Went home today after two weeks working abroad (fun but long hours),
running all day, no time for E-mail. No Sat-phone on the plane, how
More waiting... Patience is not my strong point I guess ;-)

But o joy of joys!, I got home and downloaded my mail.
Fantastic, that's the only word I have for it.

I've been sorting out all the posts from the list and E-mails sent to me
privately (_lot's_ of those!) containing ideas for a new name. Everybody
who sent something is eligeble for the $100 Amazon certificate (digital,
untraceble and tax-free).

There is no doubt in my mind that a suitable solution will be found.
Already I've seen some real beauties!

A short reply to some posts (can't ignore her - or the name):

>kristen brennan <> wrote
>How about "the bend-overmen"? [stolen from church of subgenius]

Well... That could be considered a Greek reference and we do our best to be
cooperative. But: there definitely are limits!!!! ;-)
If you are looking for a shock-effect, forget it. We people don't shock on
these issues (as long as it's voluntary). Kirsten, please don't take this
badly but I honestly fear you won't win with this entry ;-) Feel free to
give it another try though.

At 10:43 21-11-97 Max More wrote:
>I don't find this issue a big deal. While I definitely do think some
>confusion will arise from "Excedo", *most* people will either not be
>confused in the first place, or will very soon be enlightened on finding
>out more.

Maybe we should clearly state the nature and extent of the relationship
between ExI and the Dutch Transhumanist Society( whatever it will be
called) on our websites and update it as we progress. Just say were it's
at, it can only add to our respectability if we show that we're grown-up
enough to teamwork very well in spite of some differences.

>I do find it puzzling and frustrating that a group that explicitly (a) does
>not want to be part of Extropy Institute, and (b) does not consider itself
>Extropian, nevertheless would choose a name (and an arrow emblem) that will
>suggest Extropianism to many people. It seems clear to me that a more
>distinctive name would serve both organizations better.

So if we choose a non-Ex name, will the arrow be OK? Mabe it can become the
universal symbol of all Transhumanists? I mean, Extropians are
Transhumanists aren't they? It should be noted that Henri came up with the
Logo (like the name) before he was on this list and knew much of ExI. I
guess this just show it's a universally good idea.

>I've happy to see the constructive approach being taken by Berrie and
>Arjen. I'm impressed by the offer of a reward for coming up with an
>acceptable alternative name. (I do like Daedalus. Or: The Prometheus
>Transhuman Society...) That's the spirit. That's such a capitalistic
>approach that maybe you guys should reconsider whether or not you are
>Extropian. :-)

AS I said before, this list might make a libertarian out of me someday ;-)
I have actually been retinking much of my political ideas, I might still be
a leftie but thanks to people like Anton (and Lee Daniel) I can at least
understand & respect your arguments.

And of course: Emergency's and hard ca$h always brings out the best in people.
(Hey, my name is Arjen, not stupid ;-)

>The name issue aside, I'm thrilled to see organizational activity starting
>up in Europe.
//snip //
>In recognition of that, the
>forthcoming issue of the ExI members' newsletter, Exponent, carries a
>feature on European Extropians.

Max, could you contact me about how we might obtain a copy? (hard or soft).

>Finally, Arjen, I was not claiming that Extropianism is well known in
>Europe. Of course it is not. However, saying that probably not even a
>hundred have heard of it was so far off the mark,

Yes, problably it was in retrospect, we meant no offence. Since we agree
that a lot of work remains to be done we'll concentrate on that (more fun

Let's just be careful
>to help put a spring in each others' step, not step on each others' toes!

We're with you! Looking forward to further cooperation.


Contact, Ignition & Launch!


P.S. to everybody who mailed me personally: Thankyou for your ideas and
When I've caught up with my sleep-shortage I will reply to y'all personally.

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