Re: Excedo

Berrie Staring (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 00:31:31 +0100

Max wrote:

> I do find it puzzling and frustrating that a group that explicitly (a)
> not want to be part of Extropy Institute,

This we will discusse, It's not that simple...........
We are willing, but....
Anyway, we will work on this.

and (b) does not consider itself
> Extropian, nevertheless would choose a name (and an arrow emblem) that
> suggest Extropianism to many people. It seems clear to me that a more

You not really suggesting, we should remove the arrow ? :-)

I consider myself an Extropian, however !

I feel in the Netherlands one get's further if he/we now and
then add some water to our political-opinions-wine.

Personaly, I feel there will always be one group in
society that just has to be taken care off one way or the
other, regardless of being in favor of free market..............
I'll learn more about Extropy along the way, and maybe one
day I can precisely say, why we should be called
transhumanist and not Extropist. However for the time
being, it just "feels" right to do it this way.

Best regards,