Protecting Extropian*TM Identity: Suggestions

Mike Coward (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 11:57:52 -0500

I probably made a few people a bit upset with all my Ex-words
so I appologize and offer a suggestion to try and help.
How about putting ExI next to names when refering top them?

For example:

ExI Exponent
Extro^3 ExI

Then everyone keeps the names they like
and ExI's activities are OBVIOUSLY ExI's.
Heck, not doing that would be like not getting free publicity,
like Microsoft*TM not putting it's name on every piece of it's software.

You already do this on Exponent.
I can not read a single page of that
without knowing where it came from.

I just do not see what the fuss is about.

If nonsense increases infinitly at the singularity
will not be able to talk
without putting *TM_
s*TM_y*TM_m*TM_b*TM_*o*TM_l*TM_ .*TM_