Re: Uplifting octupi: limitations?

Bradley Graham Weslake (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 22:51:18 +1100 (EST)

> Twink <> writes:
> A more daunting problem is that octopi do not seem to care for
> their young in the way that other proposed candidates -- e.g.,
> chimps or dolphins -- for uplifting do. The problem of each new
> octopi, if this seemingly nonsocial lifestyle is maintained after
> uplifting, having to learn everything on its own would make for
> some limits on their potential.
> However, perhaps some form of socialization is possible, even if
> only in adult life. How might this come about? Is it really
> necessary?

An ideal candidate therefore - if socialisation be the criteria - is the
humble sea slug. The sea slug is perhaps the most copulent of all the animal
kingdom, for when not eating and sleeping, the sea slug is more often than
not found to be fucking. And let it not be said that sea slugs are
traditionalists - they have shown a wide range of sexual appetites, even
having been discovered going at with as many as six concurrent partners.

Seriously though, surely by the time uplifting of octopi is possible
suitably advanced methods for training them in the ways of the world will
also be available? Assuming some kind of intelligence of the order of
humans, basic literacy in the prevalent form of human communication would be
easily administered, and who will say what would then limit our
eight-tentacled friends?