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>>The new wave
>>© by Danilo D'Antonio
>>We are the new wave. We are people that, not satisfied of the actual
>>evolutional level reached by us ourselves, from our knowledges and from
>>society, we endeavour to search to constantly reach a superior one.
>>Unsatisfied of the usual, old and barren roads allowed by the even older
>>institutions, we engage ourselves to open some new ones and to conceive wide
>>and clear processes of renewal.
>>We are the new wave. We comprehend perfectly to be only a modest expression
>>of our natural and social environment. For this reason we take care of it
>>and we attend it personally. Improving things around us, we find automaticly
>>improved the things inside of us. At the same time we unequivocally
>>recognize that the value of a society is given by the sum of values of the
>>single fellows. For this reason we intervene at first on ourselves:
>>improving ourselves we will see improved also surrounding environment.
>>We are the new wave. We are perfectly conscious that each single part of
>>reality, even our very person, it can be well comprehended and managed only
>>if considered inside the whole organism that contains it: social, natural,
>>forgeting not at all that cosmic, universal. For this reason we cultivate a
>>global, olistic approach of knowledge and action.
>>We are the new wave. Also recognizing the importance and the utility to
>>delegate at others specific tasks, also recognizing necessary the presence
>>of the specialists in society, of people that occupy exclusively of a
>>sector, we are able to see also the limits of this organizational system
>>when it becomes social foundation. Being not predisposed, in fact, to gather
>>a global, wide vision of reality, it produces disordered, dishomogeneous,
>>irrational actions and opposite between them. Also maintaining the maximum
>>respect for specialists and continuing to apply them where it was tightly
>>necessary, we personally endeavour to develop inside ourselves manifold
>>capacities, both in intellectual field and material. We search to
>>contemporarily be farmers and people of government, physicians and
>>architects, electricians and educators, gymnasts and philosophers.
>>Long from retaining these figures incompatibles between them, we see
>>identical universal laws to be at the base of each knowledge, of each
>>disciplines, of each job, capacity and attitude. We see our faculties
>>developed in a field immediately procuring us steps forward also in the
>>others fields. We verify daily like a discovery, an idea had during a
>>defined activity is functional also to the others.
>>Nevertheless we research, too, if we desire it, a field in which our
>>expressive level become highest, but never, never we omit to cultivate
>>global consciousness and attitudes. Well we know that if specialization can
>>be made correspond to height, the global vision, for its width, concerns
>>with the base of the expressive construction, and we know also that no
>>height can be maintained at long without an adequate base.
>>We are the new wave. We have a direct and costant contact with nature that
>>is for us a continuous source of inspiration, suggestions and help. It is
>>from nature that, for example, we learn just the important principle of
>>rotation: never no farmer would dream to dedicate the same ground always to
>>the same cultivation, because on the best of the hypotesis it would produce
>>corrupt and poisonous fruits. And on Planet Earth wouldn't have traces of
>>life if it didn't rotate on itself daily, originating the day and the night.
>>In the same way we introduce the principle of rotation in our life and in
>>society. We abhor devoting ourselves always to the same activity and we
>>range in innumerable fields of intervention. We alternate ourselves with
>>liked and intimate interest in the different social rôles, the rotation
>>being a fundamental rigenerating, advantageous and productive principle,
>>because the replacement of energies put in movement.
>>We are the new wave. We live inside a wide temporal perspective. We know
>>well that the best results are obtained acting with broad advance, so we
>>learn, yes, from the past, but we don't remain at all tied there, we root
>>ourselves in the present, instant by instant, to obtain the greatest
>>efficacy from our actions, and we build future making good use of creativity
>>and imagination.
>>We are the new wave. We avoid to apply to human law and therefore to the
>>menace and to the violence of stratagems and weapons of who defends it. For
>>us applying at laws, codes and machine-guns is something greatly immoral and
>>declaring our inability to manage life. Instead, basing ourselves on
>>nature's laws and conceiving adequate and wide, honest and manifest,
>>positive and kind strategies of intervention and elevating our
>>auto-responsability's sense at a level of art, we obtain the maximum result
>>by each our action, in perfect freedom of everyone's expression. This one at
>>all levels and in all ambits of society. Nevertheless we follow the rules of
>>society in which we live, but we act serenely, quietly, constantly to
>>improve them.
>>We are the new wave. We put our attention and give great relief to the rôle
>>of education. We know well that the better way to drive a family, a group, a
>>society, is that to show wonderful goals and desired prizes as well as to
>>supply shining and brilliant examples, not punish people that environment
>>has rendered devoid of a valid aim. We know well the phisical principle of
>>the resonance of energies and we apply it also in social biology: this is
>>why we first accomplish what we desire be accomplished.
>>We are the new wave. We attribute a determinant, fundamental rôle to
>>auto-didactics. We are in fact well conscious of the primary rôle that a
>>strong inner, personnel desire has inside the process of learning, and we
>>similarly are conscious of limits of an outer bestowed education. A school
>>defined "of the obligation", based exclusively on duty, is for us a horrible
>>oath and we choose instead the school of the good will and of the pleasure
>>furnished from study, from engagement, from search and at last from the
>>We are the new wave. We cultivate our mental presence always and everywhere,
>>well conscious of the fact that the most precious thing for a living being
>>is his consciousness: devoid of it we find ourselves as simple robots
>>piloted by doom. Great sensitiveness, therefore, not disjoint however from
>>force of heart to accomplish what sometimes isn't pleasant but has to be
>>however accomplished. We cultivate, however, all the Soul Powers, all the
>>human hearth qualities, not leaving out no one, indeed reserching it,
>>finding it and creating new of them.
>>We are the new wave. We have a continue awareness of the infinite character
>>of reality: in this way we discover a great abundance of shades and
>>therefore of opportunities. Where a conventional mind, the old wave become
>>by now simple foam, it wouldn't be able to perceive no ways out of it, the
>>new wave, formed an alliance with time, finds myriads of solutions and
>>applies them with success. For this reason we try immediately a great social
>>involving, as with in mind an effective solution, tested first of all on
>>ourselves, in our private life, we are unable to resist from putting not it
>>in practice also around us.
>>We are the new wave. We are protagonist actors, not simple spectators. We
>>don't only inform ourselves, but we contrive to become able to manage, to
>>realize. We are primary evolution agents. We have the courage to dream at
>>open eyes and to work for a long time to realize what we dream.
>>We assume full responsibility for everything that happens us. Far from
>>attributing faults and responsibility at others or at outer facts, far from
>>asking to the others what in our hearth we desire, far from losing precious
>>energies in moans and protests, we mind to manage personally our things,
>>searching efficacy in our actions. Also conscious of the good opportunities
>>inborn in an organization but even more conscious of dangers that accompany
>>the rise of great groups, we search the most possible to remain within
>>simple and light, flexible and changeable structures, on manner to face
>>efficaciously the various realities that come little by little presenting.
>>On such a way we always remain orientated towards the pre-established and
>>declared in departure aims, of sure not indulgeing into corporative
>>interests. We realize the refinement and potentiament process in act on
>>Planet Earth and we provide refining and potentiating also our instruments
>>and those ones of the whole society.
>>We are the new wave. We manage our reproductive and sexual sphere on full
>>consciousness of the large field of energies put in movement from it. We
>>allow ourselves to the reproduction only after to have reached an elevated
>>degree of global development, only after and never before to have progressed
>>in decisive way in each field: moral, cultural, social, economic. We are
>>perfectly conscious that otherwise the weight of a progeny would be for us
>>too much great to take, with the consequence to impede a sufficient
>>development to ourselves, at first, and to our progeny, to continue, and to
>>the whole mankind, for extension.
>>Just not taking care of this, mankind has been able to reach a more than
>>considerable quantity level, a high number of fellows, succeeding today in
>>being formed with about six billions of fellows. But it is also so that
>>meanwhile it has obliged itself to remain at a qualitative level of
>>individual capacities rather low that obliges it still in thousand of
>>sufferings for wars, hunger and poverty.
>>Become aware, instead, after to have studied ancient and new texts and after
>>to have rendered the sexual act also a personal experiment of scientific
>>observation, besides source of powerful and pleasant energies, we catch
>>these last and we keep them in ourselves to be able disposing of them also
>>during more productive processes of development. In such a way we favour a
>>firm step forward toward the coming of a new age characterized from a
>>prosperity and a welfare without equals, globally wide.
>>We are the new wave. We don't disperse or dissipate our economic energies,
>>but we do a wise use of them, avoiding so to fall in the trap of
>>consumptions to the bitter end. These in fact oblige at a blind, incessant
>>work, at a continuous vain search of reintegration of own resources,
>>absorbing so all personal energies, a good part of them should be instead
>>utilized to feed the own process of growth, the own evolution.
>>We avoid, then, to apply at an economy become by now purely cannibal, in
>>which the hunt to the other, to the customer, to the human being is always
>>open, in which everyone feeds reciprocally of the energies of the neighbour,
>>without never reflecting if what he offers in change has a real, authentic,
>>healthy value.
>>We engage ourselves instead to conceive, to create, to choose and to supply,
>>matter, concrete or ideal, that be good feed for the human beings, that be
>>an help to improve deeply, radically the surrounding reality. We engage
>>ourselves likewise to research and employ new economic patterns that haven't
>>got money to the centre of their attention and like last end, but the
>>creation of instruments always new and perfected that render more and more
>>able and powerful, wise and lightened, beautiful and harmonious the human
>>We engage ourselves to bring back to the highest point a solar economy, in
>>which everyone interrogates himself on what we really need and in which
>>direction is well turning, an economy in which the forces and the resources
>>of nature be elaborated in manner to let a general, diffuse bloom, of the
>>single as of society, of mankind as of natural environment. An economy that
>>have full consciousness of the rôle that we are called to hold, from always
>>and for always, inside of the universal organism and that, for this, it is
>>able to effect the better choices.
>>We are the new wave. We research and listen each person, each master that
>>can making us advancing on the infinite roads of knowledge, of welfare and
>>of prosperity, but never we tie ourselves at no one, because we realize well
>>that even the best and more prepared human being won't be able never to
>>contain in himself the boundless extent of reality. Indeed, realized the
>>continuous changeability in the long run of this last, we go over the limits
>>reached by masters, prosecuting resolute the researches started from them.
>>We haven't dread but, indeed, we try the intimate duty to correct,
>>contradicting and postponing, where necessary, who has preceded us. We all,
>>learnings and professors, being tied by an indissoluble tie: to have alwais
>>an entire universe of things to comprehend.
>>Also if at times we delegate at others, who have reached a superior level of
>>universal sensitivenes, the management of religious rites, never we renounce
>>to accomplish personal ones and never we interrupt our search and growth
>>also in this field. Never stopped by the inevitable obstacles, never still
>>on reached laurels, we continue to research and grow slowly, quietly,
>>pleasantly, until the last breath.
>>We are the new wave. We have awareness of ourselves not only like material,
>>physical beings, but also like pure, changeable and incontainable energy. We
>>are people without limits, without frontiers. We don't identify ourselves
>>only in a human being but we know acquiring, to the need, also the
>>sensitiveness of every other living form, of an animal, of a flower, but
>>also that one of a river, of a mount either even of an atom or of the entire
>>universe. We know becoming and transforming ourselves in the whole and
>>disappearing all of a sudden in the nothing. We know that our human shape is
>>only exquisitely temporary and we consider our parents as simple
>>ramifications of a tree that sinks its roots on earth and stretches its
>>leaves in the Cosmos: Earth and Cosmos are our real and felt parents. And
>>then we cultivate in us love, comprehension, compassion, joy and at last the
>>identification for all the others shapes of existence. And so we become
>>eternal, defeating at last the death!
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