Daedalus: (was Re: Think of a name and win $100!)

Keith Elis (hagbard@ix.netcom.com)
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 22:37:55 -0500

Arjen Kamphuis wrote:

> LS!
> We need your help in finding a good name.
> Something in Latin (or Ancient Greek perhaps).
> Something that will be clear to the public.
> Something that will be easy to remember.
> Something great like Extropy or Excedo (but different).
> Something that will stand the test of time!
> (at least until the Singularity)

Has anyone suggested the name "Daedalus"?

I've always thought it was an intriguing name to begin with, but in terms of
transhumanism, it has some significance. As most schoolkids are familar with,
Daedalus was the mythic Greek scientist who, while imprisoned by King Minos on
Crete, fashioned wings of wood and wax for himself and his young son to escape
to freedom. The parallels with transhuman technology are pretty clear, but the
story also reminds us that it is possible to become intoxicated by our
technological freedom, and behave irresponsibly (the story of Icarus). This
seems to blend nicely the desire to free ourselves from normal existence and
the need to keep ourselves accountable to ourselves.

Plus it's Greek.
Plus it's clear to the public.
Plus it's easy to remember.
It has no "ex-" anywhere in it.
And it's stood the test of time thus far.

Only problem is, it's so recognizable, that I bet somebody's used it already.
But hey, better an enemy outside the fold than within....

Good luck,