Re: Excedo: What's in a name?

Arjen Kamphuis (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 01:47:44 +0100

O my Goooood!!! It's the Vikings! run for your life...

Anders wrote:
>OK, now the neutral Swede is in this debate too. I have great
>sympathy with all sides. :-)

You got the blue-helmet feeling ;-)

>I think Excedo is a good name, no doubt about it. The initial Ex- fits
>in well with the transhuman memes, and the ending do at least gives me
>associations to action.

This was our exact feeling, it should be noted that Henri came up with
Excedo _before_ he started subscribing to, call it
parallel evolution if you like.

>and there is a real risk/chance of being
>linked with ExI (in Europe this can have tricky political connotations;
>here in Sweden being a classic *liberal* is considered extreme,
>libertarianism is beyond the pale).

For precisely this reason we feel we cannot become a part of ExI, but it is
certainly no reason to avoid contructive relations!

>This is not likely to be a large or permanent problem, so I think we
>should not invest too much emotional capital in this. The main problem
>right now seems to be that a lot of us onlookers are cheering on the
>two sides, almost forcing them into a silly confrontation. I'm not
>sure I have any good solution, other than hope Max and Arjen can
>discuss this and come up with a good solution. As transhumanists, we
>all realize that names are merely (useful) labels, what really counts
>is the contents.

I think the discussion has been very civilized so far, and have the feeling
that everybody want it to stay that way. I don't think anyone is 'out for
I hope it's not just me and Max going 'head-2-head', My idea of a contest
was to let everybody in on this (but maybe I'm and old-fashioned democrat).
Names are labels but they do have 'marketing value'. New memes have to be
promoted and a name that breaths expansion (whoops ;-) and speed will help.

And now I _got_ to get some sleep ;-)


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