Re: Octupi uplift: Another Reply to Sandberg

Anders Sandberg (
20 Nov 1997 23:53:15 +0100

Twink <> writes:

> At 03:58 PM 11/19/97 +0100, Anders Sandberg <>wrote:
> >Not certain, but it might be useful to try. I would also add some
> >extra lobes for high level integration, maybe even a computer-brain
> >interface (why not start by giving them net access? talk.soc.octopi,
> >anyone?)
> Extra lobes or integrating lobes? Why not try both?
> As for computer interface, I say let's keep it simple at first.

As you said, keep it simple first. Organizing the uplifting process
will be a very hard project.

I think adding a neural interface from the start will pay off. That
way we both get access to the octopus brain for testing, documenting
and enhancement, and we can add software help as needed (why just
settle for a 100% organic lifeform? Aesthetics perhaps).

Integrating lobes are probably more useful than extra lobes with no
clear function.

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