Re: Mir is falling on my head?

Anders Sandberg (
21 Nov 1997 00:04:38 +0100

Geoff Smith <> writes:

> I didn't get this Carl Feynman's e-mail for some reason, so I'll answer
> your question here: No. I did not see it hit. What I say was two streams
> of brightly glowing material (looked like very large roman candles
> slowly moving across the sky) Once the lights disappeared behind the
> trees, there were numerous sounds of intense, low-frequency thunder (note,
> there were no clouds in the sky) I'm thinking this was either impact, or
> maybe a sonic boom??? (is this possible?)

Sounds a lot like a meteor; compare this to the videos made of the big
meteor that moved across the US a few years back, they show a golden
glob breaking up, slowly moving across the sky (I think there were
some reports of sound too). My guess is that you saw a meteor breaking
up in the atmosphere, space junk isn't that common.

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