Panhandling for SSI

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 15:13:33 -0500

CNN (11/20/97):

In the year 2014[?], Social
Security will start paying
out more than it takes in.

Rather than saying SSI will be on a endless
slide into bankruptcy, CNN's wording serves
not to signal SSI doom but serves as a sol-
icitation for more funding. Then they inter-
viewed half-a-dozen people singing praises
of SSI... an institution of human dignity.
I guess bankruptcy is the path to glory.

There is a universal one-to-one correlation
with what the federal gov't wants and what
CNN et al dish out to the American people.
Why bother nationalizing the mass media?

Serfs were in debt slavery. As the cost of
gov't "benefits" begin to exceed the ability
of The People to pay for them, the people
will become serfs... by definition. This
is the path that's being prepared.

Our only hope is that technological advance
and access can outpace the growth of gov't
with its ever-growing "collective debt."

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