Re: Excedo: What's in a name?
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 09:12:33 -0500 (EST)

Extropy Institute (ExI) has for years used such names as "ExI", "Extropy,"
"Extropians," "Extro," and "Exponent." We have invested a lot of hard work
and hard cash into developing labels that the public will recognize and
associate with high quality transhumanist thinking and networking. Our good
names represent just about the only assets that we have and serve as
absolutely vital tools for our mission.

Naturally, we want to prevent people from confusing other transhumanist
projects with our own, just as other people do not want ExI to mistakenly get
credit for their work. Clear labels benefit all of us. I don't think that
anyone would dispute that ExI would have every right to object to another
transhumanist group using "Extropy" or closely related names such as
"Ekstropy" or "Expro."

My (until now, private) discussions with Berrie, Arjen, and others of the
Dutch group have focused on whether or not "Excedo" is likely to confuse
newbies about the affiliation of that group with ExI, and how to avoid such
confusion. I have worked hard with Berrie to come up with alternative
labels; there is, after all, no shortage of good words out there that do
*not* risk creating confusion! And any new group that claims to offer
innovative thinking should, I think, want a very distinctive and original

Berrie and I have had cordial, but thus far inconclusive, discussions. He
and his friends evince good intentions, so I remain optimistic that we can
work out a suitable compromise. Those of you new to this issue should keep
in mind that you may lack essential details; this is a complicated issue (and
should have remained, at least for now, a private one). I do not have the
time or inclination to educate everyone about what constitutes the law,
custom, and just plain old common courtesy in matters of labelling, but I do
hope that this email has clarified things a bit.

Perhaps some of you could help Berrie and his colleagues come up with
alternative names! I've had fun cooking up words like "Acceleratism,"
"Altalibre," and "Ultravita," but, alas, have yet to offer him a winning

T.0. Morrow
V.P. & Director, ExI