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Jason Joel Thompson (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 18:33:54 -0800

Mitchell Porter wrote:

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> A notion that intrigues me: as subjective time speeds up,
> subjective space expands. For a mind that is faster by
> a factor of a thousand, Earth is a thousand times bigger,
> in that it takes a thousand times longer to circumnavigate.
> There might well be a practical argument for the creation
> of wormholes here - to prevent the disintegration of
> the network of accelerated minds from "subjective expansion".

I'm curious as to the actual link betwen speed of thought and perception
of time. Is there any reason to believe that the two are inexorably
linked as you seem to suggest above? Does thinking more quickly
actually cause one's perception of time to slow down? If anything, I've
found the opposite to be true: having little to think about/do causes my
experience of time to slow, while when my mind is particularly engaged,
time seems to fly by. I understand that my mental processes are not
physically accelerated/decelerated in these varying states of mind.
However it's clear that we can experience altered perceptions of time
based on our thought processes, mental activity, drug use and
anticipation. Comments?