GovtMedia -- Ipso Facto

Ian Goddard (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 07:51:40 -0500

Abraham Moses Genen ( wrote:
>>Dear Fellow Extropians:
>>Having read Mr. Goddard's speculations, conjectures ( and possibly
>>paranoid delusions)repeatedly, may I respectfully suggest that he
>>consider reading Aristotle on scientific method followed by
>>Blackstone on the rules of evidence.

IAN: The FACT is that the major media
will not present any of the evidence
suggestive of Navy-culpability, but
instead will only spread disinforma-
tion about that evidence and those
presenting it. The FACT is the media
will only favorably and even unquest-
ioningly present the government's line.

For a libertarian or Extropian to fail
to see this and fail to be concerned
is a tragedy. The de facto nationaliza-
tion of the major media should be a
a topic of great concern. The means
by which it occurs, I believe, is
government contracting and economic
benefits between the entities that
own major media establishments and
the government, resulting in an eager-
to-please-the-govt attitude on the
part of media establishments. The
solution to this massive problem is
to abolish govt monetary intake by 95%.

While you and others have had your
heads in the sand, FLIR (Forward Look-
ing Infrared) video has been leaked
via former CIA head Bill Colby (found
dead shortly thereafter), about which
multiple FLIR experts agree shows
automatic machine-gun fire going into
the Branch Davidian community prior
to and as the fire breaks out. This
FLIR is filed in court, in the case
against the govt for wrongful death.
There is no question of authenticity.
While the Washington Post did a very
good report on the Waco FLIR, how many
of the major media on TV have covered
this compelling evidence of FBI mass
murder? Zero. Is this not a problem?

Is a media that refuses to disclose
evidence that the FBI committed mass
murder, but instead continues to pump
out the FBI line serving the public
interest? I'd say definitely NOT! The
media serves only the govt's interest.
This is a BIG problem! This is a sign
post on the road to serfdom.

The media and you may be able to heap
lie and ad hominem on those that have
promoted the Navy-missile theory, but
lies and ad hominem are not logical
arguments, they are illogical and are
prima facie evidence of an effort to
squash freedom of inquiry.

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