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At 10:06 PM 11/18/97 +0100, an elaborated version of Anders wrote:

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>You're right, the difference between an unaugmented human and a dog is
>trivial compared to the difference between them and a God. However,
>the difference between a cat and a God is trivially small. Could
>somebody pass me the catnip? :-)

Hmm. How very... perceptive.

`The Torus is alert; its blue light softens, and the tug of gravity fades:
they float, enraptured and in love, and the cyborg Darkstar enters their
joy without warning, terrible and ineluctable, to bear Sriyanie away. [...]

`He has the guise of a huge chinchilla cat, his eyes pale chrysoprase slit
by vertical dark emptiness, stiff grey hair along the spine, tail thick and
white, aloft, white as the dense, beautiful fur of his body. His voice
wheezes and rasps: "Come, pretty one; come, child," and his tongue is
rose-pink and minutely scaled. [...]

`After a time she says: "You are inhuman. You are inhuman."

`Four Nest adults stand at a respectful distance. In their faces is
excitement and expectation. The cat lifts its green-golden eyes to her,
and says: "We are transhuman, child. We are entelechies. Come, now, and
greet your companions. Your life has begun." ' (`Growing up', *Galileo*,
Vol. 1, No. 1, 1976, later folded into THE JUDAS MANDALA, 1982, by yr hmbl
& obt svt.)


Damien Broderick