Re: Uplifting isn't Uploading, right?

Anders Sandberg (
19 Nov 1997 09:51:41 +0100

Alex Tseng <> writes:

> I was just wondering if uplifting is the same as uploading

>From my transhuman dictionary:

UPLIFT: To increase the intelligence and help develop a culture of a
previously non- or near-intelligent species. [From the Uplift novels
by David Brin]

UPLOAD: (a) To transfer the consciousness and mental structure of a
person from a biological matrix to an electronic or informational
matrix (this assumes that the strong AI postulate holds). The term
"Downloading" is also sometimes used, mainly to denote transferring
the mind to a slower or less spacious matrix. (b) The resulting
infomorph person. [The origin of the term is uncertain, but obviously
based on the computer technology term 'uploading' (loading data into a
mainframe computer).]

> Seems pretty scary thinking about it,...if God decides that we
> have gone to far and calls it quits on us .... : " Closing time ,
> gentlemen ... !!! " heh heh

In that case we'll start our own shop next door with competitive prices.

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