Re: Uplifting Oliver

Anders Sandberg (
19 Nov 1997 10:00:19 +0100

Anton Sherwood <> writes:

> I think it not unlikely that Oliver's mother was a chimpanzee
> and his father a man.

I don't know anything about Oliver, but it is very unlikely a
chimpanzee - human crossbreed would be viable. Just because they are
closely related to us doesn't mean they are compatible.

Ah, while looking through the net for the correct karyotypes of chimps
and humans I found this:

Genetic testing show he's a chimp, not a human hybrid

By JOHN MacCORMACK / San Antonio Express-News

SAN ANTONIO - Ending decades of speculation that he represents
some kind of missing link, genetic testing has shown that
Oliver the chimp is just that - a chimp.

Oliver, now a resident of the Primarily Primates sanctuary in
Boerne, walks upright like a human. He was put on display
throughout the world in the 1970s, touted as a mysterious
man-ape perhaps the missing link.

But it turns out the freak-show attraction is no freak, at
least genetically.

"He's not a human-chimp hybrid. His chromosome number is 48,
which is a normal chimp karyotype," said Dr. David Ledbetter, a
geneticist at the University of Chicago who analyzed Oliver's

So much for that interbreeding.

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