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>Subject: What's New at the _Full Context_ web site
>What's New at the _Full Context_ web site
>In the November issue of _Full Context_, editor Karen Reedstrom
>interviews historian David N. Mayer, author of _The Constitutional
>Thought of Thomas Jefferson_. Mayer received his Ph.D. from the
>University of Virginia and currently teaches at Capitol University in
>Columbus, Ohio. He has spoken before many libertarian and Objectivist
>audiences, including the "Atlas and the World" conference last month in
>Washington, and at past IOS summer seminars. Lengthy excerpts from the
>interview are available at the site at
>Also, we have added a "Sue" (T. rex) page to complement our special
>report from the Sotheby's auction by Terry Wentz from the Black Hills
>Institute of Geological Research.
>We've added links to three articles covering the Atlas conference in
>major metropolitan newspapers ... if you know of any others, we're
>looking for them. Please email
>Rick Minto