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Brent Allsop (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 15:48:41 -0700

Anders Sandberg <> responded:

> An important moral point. Brin has several alien species in his
> books who definitely are less than ideal patrons for their uplifted
> species, and a very old system of indenture for uplifted species
> ("We made you intelligent, so now you will serve us for a measly
> 10,000 years, and then you are free.").

Ah yes. I would consider it very immoral for such a species
that uplifted me to not allow myself to adequately pay them back. If
they didn't let me pay them back it would of corse condemn me to
eternal feelings of inadequacy, indebtedness, guilt... (i.e. hell).

How many more years than 10,000 do you think it will take me
to pay back the debt I owe to each and every one of my ancestors which
are directly responsible for my very existence and all the others that
are responsible for getting us as close as we are to when uplifting
will be possible? Of course including plenty of interest to make up
for the compounded time value of each of their contributions.

> Ask me when I have uplifted myself :-)

> [Causality Error 437: Message from future. Userid: Anders v45.53]:
> You're right, the difference between an unaugmented human and a dog
> is trivial compared to the difference between them and a
> God. However, the difference between a cat and a God is trivially
> small. Could somebody pass me the catnip? :-)

ROTFL... ;)

Brent Allsop