Re: Uplifting anyone?
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 16:50:30 -0600

Of course, if a program ever did that, it would need to be in the
Licence agreement you read (make sure you look those over) You never
acutally buy software. You buy the right to use it.

> Good points.
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> On Fri, 14 Nov 1997 20:10:49 -0600, Ryan Marsh <> said to
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> >As for MS products checking for piracy, I haven't been able to prove that
> >any current
> >products do what he said but it is possible to include that kind of
> >functionality. I am glad that MS
> >would do such a thing. Piracy is illegal is he supporting crime?
> No, I am not supporting crime. In fact, I was speaking out against
> programs that copy data from my computer without permission and transmits
> it over the network. I also was speaking out against programs that
> misrepresent themselves as a different program to try to gain unauthorized
> access to other computers over the network. You mistakenly assume that if
> I don't trust Microsoft to do anything it wants on my computer without my
> knowledge or permission, that I must have something to hide from them.
> >As for serving graphics incorrectly to Navigator, let me say the Netscape
> >Navigator is one of the
> >most unreliable pieces of software that I have ever used.[....]
> I never mentioned Netscape Navigator. You mistakenly assume that if I have
> a single negative point about Microsoft Internet Explorer, that I must be
> anti-Microsoft and pro-Netscape in the browser arena.
> >As for Wintel vs. Apple[....]
> I merely objected to your claim that Macintoshes are *twice* as costly as
> the equivalent PC. You mistakenly assumed that I was therefore anti-PC and
> pro-Mac. I tried to clear this up by pointing out that I have more PC's
> and Unixes in my home lab than Macs, and that I provide major consulting
> for IBM.
> >That's the biggest load of bullshit that I have ever heard. His mind is
> >brainwashed by the Rebel
> >Alliance.
> [....]
> >And last but not least, MS is a great company, honest. I have worked with
> >their guys on several
> >projects and I enjoy it everytime I do. They are extremely professional,
> >perfectionists, and they
> >have THE BEST coders I have ever run across in my entire life. Microsoft
> >is aggressive and smart.
> >Do any of us remember the mistake that Bill made about denouncing the
> >Internet? Now look at
> >their position on it, people are scared MS will take over. Also, take a
> >look at how MS used kiss
> >Apple's ass. Apple had the potential to become what MS is today. It's all
> >about make good business
> >decisions.
> You are the one caught up in the propoganda. Your entire post has been
> responding to points I never made. You are having a war with an imaginary
> opponent. I am not engaged in this argument, nor do I intend to be.
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