coherent quantum systems in neurons

Henri Kluytmans (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 20:26:59 +0000

Does anybody know some good references regarding coherent quantum
systems in neurons?

I would like to read more about it before I make a definitive

As far as I know there is no hard proof for the existence of such
coherent quantum systems in neurons. OK, till they have been proven
not to exist, they could be possible. But this is no reason to
assume they do exist. This is hardly a reasoning in accordance with
Occams Razor.

(( This is the same reasoning as people who "believe" in a GOD.
They reason that because a GOD (outside our universe) cannot be
proven impossible, a GOD does exist. ))

The real question is :

Are the known characteristics of neural networks
sufficient to account for the behavior of all biological
neural networks.
(Without any need for more complex computation systems
like coherent quantum systems.)

I think it seems very plausible that coherent quantum systems
are not actively involved in the thinking processes of our brain.

Some questions :

1) Can somebody explain how these quantum systems stay coherent long
enough to perform a useful computation?

(As far as I know the current proposals for artificial quantum computers
are to be working at very low temperatures to keep the system coherent
long enough. )

2) How are these quantum systems supposed to interact with the
conventional information processes in the neuron?

I still think the assumptions about the presence of quantum
systems in neurons are only wild speculation...