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I wasn't going to comment on this one, not least because I cannot
understand what Ian's purpose is in these statements of his. Nor am
I entirely clear whether or not he's asserting the 'shootdown' was
deliberate or not.

Still, I do recall the incident of the 16" gun turret that blew up
on one of the big battle-wagons, and the subsequent rather
discreditable furore. No-one knows how to make the 16" barrels
anymore, it seems.

I also rather admire the US Navy (modelled after the Royal Navy).


Especially the great NIMITZ Class Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups...

[ FX: "Hello!!!" to the five thousand four hundred guys and gals on
the USS Nimitx (CVN68); and "Hello!" to the crews of the USS George
Washington; and HMS Invincible].

"Each with more firepower than _both sides in all of WWII_"

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The spear is the Goddess Athena's weapon of choice, of course...

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Military outfits are -- for better and for worse -- staffed by
fallible humans like ourselves, just as every other organization in
the world is. Surprise!

Conspiracy theorists -- and coincidence theorists -- likewise. These
folk are to be found as freelancers, and (in far greater numbers) in
the counterintelligence and counter-espionage community teams.

OK: Here are some 'takes' on some controversies:

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[ TWA 800 ] To the best of my understanding, the FBI has actively
investigated the 'missile shootdown' hypothesis, even going so far as
obtaining armed missiles of the appropriate type, and firing them at 747
panels, to compare the damage 'signatures.' So clearly it was OK for
them to test the hypothesis.

So why shouldn't Ian Goddard discuss the hypothesis openly?

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[ 6 Million Revisionism] Heinrich Mueller created the Gestapo, modelling
it on Stalin's NKVD, which he much admired as a force for social control.

Mueller participated in the Wannsee Conference with Heydrich and
Eichmann. After the Brits assassinated Heydrich at lidice, Mueller (who
had Hoover-like blackmail deadlocks on the Nazi hierarchy) moved up to
the top job (Obergruppenfuhrer) under Himmler.

Mueller was recruited by General Viktor Abakumov of Soviet Military
Counter-Intelligence in 1943, and vastly accelerated the slave-labour
camp killings, so as to damage the Nazi war machine by depriving it of
the camps' production of war materiel.

Also, Mueller 'cleansed' 'pre-occupation' Germany of exactly the
same kinds of malcontents who Stalin was busily killing off in the USSR
-- the so-called 'ally' of Britain and the US at that time (an alliance
which got us nowhere, since the war was won as of Summer, 1942 after the
Nazi codes were cracked. The rest was endgame -- we often knew what the
German military would do before they did. (This was quite aside from
Maxwell Knight -- 'C' -- recruiting every black and white magician he
could find into MI6...).

Mueller fled to East Germany after the war, and ended up in Moscow.
The American War Crimes teams demanded his extradition, which was duly

This, of course, _revolutionizes_ the history of the Holocaust, and
of WWII. Yet I've discussed it extensively with the Board of Deputies
of British Jews, and with the Wiener Library, which helpfully sent
documentation; and with William Hood, for twenty years James Jesus
Angleton's Deputy at CIA Counterintelligence, from whom I lkearned of
Mueller. I didn't want to give unnecessary offence to relatives and

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[ KE 007 ] The Soviet shootdown of 1 September 1983 of KE007 as it was
_leaving_ Soviet airspace was greeted by many people I knew (including
yours truly -- and, yes, I'm rather ashamed of that, in retrospect) with
_exhilaration_ -- wars are mostly competitions in incompetence, and the
Soviets blew it on a grand scale.

Larry McDonald's shade (he was John Birch Society Chairman, and on board
at the time) would have been glad to hear a top Soviet General say that
this incident _crippled_ the Soviet military for the rest of the Cold
War. He was a great 'coincidence theorist.'

In 1984, I wrote these words for Lawrence P. McDonald, In Memoriam:

"So passed the sword of the Barrow-downs, work of Westernesse. But glad
would he have been to know its fate who wrought it slowly long ago in
the North-kingdom when the Dunedain were young, and chief among their
foes was the dread realm of Angmar and its sorceror king. No other
blade, not though mightier hands had wielded it, would have dealt that
foe a wound so bitter, cleaving the undead flesh, breaking the spell
that knit his unseen sinews to his will." -- J.R.R. Tolkien, 'The Lord
of the Rings' Book III, 'the Return of the King.'

The Soviet pilot who fired the missile that downed KE007 lives on a
Russian Air Force Base in isolation, shunned by his colleagues. He
expected to be a hero -- his only comment now:

"I was the arrow, not the archer."

I was going to write a detailed rebuttal of David Ramsay Steele's and
Justin Raimondo's suggestions that the National Security Agency had
diverted the plane into Soviet airspace so as to 'light up' the Soviet
defense radars. But NSA could have used a pilotless drone to do that,
so it seemed quite pointless. And SR-71 Blackbirds made over 900
flights into Soviet airspace without a single loss.

If KE007 had an IFF transponder, it would have returned a civil aircraft
identifier code when illuminated by attack radars. Justin Raimondo
hinted that the Soviets thought the plane was an E4B Airborne Command
Post (how would he know?) -- but could even _he_ have believed the US
would have been so incomprehensible as to send one of these planes on a
leisurely and pointless cruise straight through Soviet airspace?

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[ Andrew Robert Dennett ] My young friend Andrew Robert Dennett, who I
loved, and gave a home to in 1969, when he was five years old, and whom I
used to take to church with his brothers, was found dying hideously, of
_cyanide poisoning_, fifteen years ago today (November 17, 1982). He left
a tape recording in which he stated his conviction that his life was
being deliberately destroyed, and that he was going to be murdered, and
naming those responsible.

I and three other people heard this tape after Andrew's death. (Mark
Brady asked: "How do you like the _tape_?" three days after Andrew had
died -- only two days after Brady and his clique had rejected the
peaceful settlement of our LA/Alternative Bookshop disputes). Had I
learned of Andrew's death at that time, it could possibly have broken my
will to fight.

Or -- alternatively -- it could have led to a horrifying outbreak of
carnage against Steele, Brady and their idiot associates, carried through
by the top-flight warfighting covert-action Special Forces of several
countries. _Whoever_ was backing them...

Let them now read Henry Kuttner's story "Two Handed Engine" aka "The Fury."

Andrew's father was in British Signals Intelligence. Would anyone want
to be Mark Brady now? Run a Web search on "November 17"...

A Yarhrzeit candle will burn tonight in Andrew's memory.

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Then, on February 7 1984, Andrew's oldest brother Terry was rammed by an
identical stolen BMW -- same make, same model, same colour -- after the
other driver pulled onto his side of the road and drove head-first into
him at an impact speed of 140 miles per hour, hospitalizing Terry with a
whiplash neck fracture. Both cars went up in flames. The other driver
was never found (by the police). Licence plate BS 201...

Do a Web search for "February 7"

_Every day_ is a day of reckoning, now.

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Tony Hollick, LightSmith (listening to Enya singing "The Celts")

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