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The World Business Exchange (WBE) alternative
currency system is being developed and launched.

* Designed to become the perfect answer to the
Federal Reserve and national bank monopolies.

"Thanks very much for your submission to the Global Ideas Bank which seems
unusually well thought out. It will be considered for the Global Ideas Bank
editorially in due course and for the annual awards (deadline June 1st)."
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ISI/Global Ideas Bank is at <>.

* Original proposal at: <>.

* Places the money-issuing power in the hands
of the individual.

"The pinnacle of power today is the power to
issue money." -- Thomas H. Greco Jr., author
of 'New Money for Healthy Communities' --
see <>.

* Inflation-proof private currency that cannot
be controlled by governments or international
banking cartels.

* Has the potential to help create a worldwide
real free-enterprise economic system.

* Has the potential to bring about an enormous
decentralization of economic power into the
hands of individuals.

* Local and global Buy/Sell Directories.

* Escrow transactions to reduce fraud and scams.

* Encrypted transactions for privacy and security.

* Encrypted communication module for members.

* Low transaction fees (probably 1/2%) -- compare
to 10% - 15% by many barter clubs.

* The new currency will be convertible into gold,
silver, platinum, and major national currencies.

* Of great potential benefit to:
(1) Anyone who has goods and/or services to trade;
(2) Anyone doing business via Internet;
(3) Any business wishing to expand its markets;
(4) International traders;
(5) Anyone involved with barter or countertrade;
(6) Businesses and individuals with "expiring
commodities" -- hotels, radio stations, airlines,
restaurants, professionals, etc. -- e.g., if the
hotel room isn't rented the revenue is lost and
can never be recovered;
(7) Freedom-lovers interested in economic freedom
and private alternative currencies;
(8) Promoters interested in earning commissions.

* A special mailing list has been set up for those
interested in learning more about the WBE system,
and those interested in helping to develop and
promote it. You are invited to subscribe by sending
a message to with
the word "subscribe" in the body of your message.

Frederick Mann

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