Re: cars

E. Shaun Russell (
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 09:54:51 -0800

Pat Fallon wrote:

>As I understand it, a majority of the pollution (carbon monoxide,
>anyway) comes from a small minority of gross-polluting cars. The
>dirtiest 10% of cars emit 50% of the carbon monoxide, while the cleanest
>50% of autos emit only 5%.

Putting aside the pollutive and expense-based qualities of cars, I
consider automobiles to be uploads of a sort. Consider the steering wheel
and pedals to be extensions of one's own body; with these uploads, humans
can attain speeds far higher than we would without them...and still have
total control. Progress is currently being made to make these uploads more
economical and inexpensive. Mass inexpensive and
environmentally-friendly as it may be, still lacks the individual control
of a car: it runs on a schedule that doesn't encompass individual concerns.
With a car, one has far more personal convenience while still retaining an
asset that can be bought, sold, or improved.

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