Re: QUOTE: Bey on extropians

Wesley Schwein (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 20:17:32 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Neuronaut wrote:

> >(For example, cars are polluting the environment but I wouldn't like
> >to do without the freedom my car is delivering ! :->
> >And IMO there is no good alternative for it (yet). )
> >
> I beg to differ. The freedom one might experience from owning a car is
> illusory what with the congestion, expense and worry that comes with owning
> such an expensive item.

To say nothing of the land and resources wasted in suburbs built catering
to car culture, the isolation and cultural vacuum of suburban life, the
destruction of city communities, and the annual traffic deaths of millions
of humans and other animals. Then there's the fact that, by owning and
relying on a car, you're giving tacit support to the lovely, highly
extropian oil and automobile industries (propped up by federal subsidies
in the US), and heaven forbid that the government shouldn't use military
force to keep oil cheap!

Sure, driving is a convenience; so is stealing money instead of working
for it. Why does car culture always make me think of government?

Sure, driving is fun and hard to give up once you've made it a part of
your life; so's heroin.

> IMHO the auto is one of the most vile contraptions ever designed. The
> sooner we run out of petrol the better, however, I fear many people will
> die in the ensuing oil wars before we do exhaust our supply.

Well, all the big car companies, from Volvo to GM, are working on hyrdogen
cell cars. Petroleum may be a limited resource, but there's a great deal
of hydrogen out there.

Cars belong in the countryside, not in cities and towns.

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