Ian Goddard (igoddard@netkonnect.net)
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 19:08:34 -0500

Many are confused by my last post under the heading,
"What TWA 800 HOAX," for by republishing one of my
reports it appeared I was recommitting the crime of
advocating the Navy-missile theory again. Not true:

The confusion stems from CNN's misrepresentation.

It's true that I said I was sorry and apologized
for my promotion of the Navy-missile theory. But
it's false that I said anything I did was a sham,
plot, or hoax, as the media reported. There's a
world of difference between saying my promotion
of a theory was a mistake and that it was a fraud.


If they're going to say the case I assembled
was a sham, as they are, then I will present
the case and ask "So where's the sham?" All I
see are a list of factual items from which a
theory is extrapolated. A theory derived from
a set of facts may be true or false, even as
the facts are all true. I stand behind those
facts (http://www.copi.com/articles/Goddard)
even as I discontinue to advocate the theory.
There's absolutely no contradiction there.

When I say I stand by my case, I say that
it was a legitimate case, that it was built
upon facts that tend to support the theory.
Nobody can refute the facts it rests upon,
but we can disagree over what they mean.

(a) Crisp facts and (b) fuzzy theories.
I stand by (a) but no longer espouse
any (b). I also never blurred the
line between (a) and (b) as has
been widely misreported.

The Navy-missile case is a case of circumstantial
evidence, which some might call a compelling case.


Just because 154 people saw what is
best described as a missile, and just
because there was Navy activity in
the area, which the Navy initially
denied but then admitted when the
radar tapes came out, does not
necessarily mean the Navy shot
down TWA 800 with a missile.

I have always been aware of that fact, but,
wanting to end my TWA 800 analysis forever,
I felt it proper to apologize to those in
the gov't I had caste suspicion upon, for
they could be innocent... I don't know.?
If I want to free myself from the case,
I should free all those in the case.

But they did not want to free me,
forcing me to keep the case up to
counter the false charge of fraud.

It's regrettable that CNN felt it necessary
to wrongfully frame me has having admitted
fraud. For some reason they are desperate
to sink the Navy-missile theory and me.

Dr. Stern has made the case available once
again so that people can see there was no
sham: http:/www.copi.com/article/Goddard

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