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>> While the number of "terrorist-missile
>> theories" is greater than zero, the number
>> of terrorists known to be in the area during
>> the crash is zero. Military experts have
>> shown that the probability that terrorists
>> could even deploy the military hardware
>> necessary to destroy TWA 800 with a missile
>> is near zero. In sum, the terrorist-missile
>> theory offers us a whole lot of nothing.
>Not that I have anything to say about TWA 800, but...
>Do you really believe this? A single missle. One of these
>certainly wouldn't be beyond the *financial* resources of
>many terrorist groups. Are you saying that they couldn't
>learn how to use it (assuming they are all civilians)?

IAN: The fact that the Navy may not have done
it is a or the major reason I said and felt it
appropriate to say I was sorry for suggesting
that X may be true when I don't know if it is.

I no longer espouse any belief in the case.
I want to inquire about things that don't
conclude with: therefore X did it.

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