Re: The Copy Paradox

Leevi Marttila (
11 Nov 1997 04:55:28 +0200

John K Clark <> writes:

> Harvey Newstrom <> wrote:
> > Would you really be willing to jump into a volcano, just because
> >another copy of you will continue living?
> I can't answer that question because if the duplication process is really
> good then your scenario is impossible. If I wanted to jump into a volcano
> then the other fellow would too, so neither of us would continue living
> (I can't call him a "copy" because there is no way to know if I'm his copy or
> he's my copy and no reason to care). If you push just me in the volcano then

I was assuming that after perfect copying original was told he is
original and copy was told he is copy. They could discuss with each
other and then curiosity would win survival instinct in copy.