Re: [Fwd: Scientists block menopause]

Natasha V. More (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 18:41:19 -0600

>Report: Scientists found way to stop onset of menopause
>In experiments with mice, Harvard scientists have found a way to block
>menopause by keeping ovaries alive.

This is timely information. I have been reading _Feminine Forever_ and also
discussing this issue with Chris Heward who contends that menopause is
unhealthy and that women should take action to prevent its onslaught. This
is not mainstream thinking. For eons, women have been feed information
claiming that our crysalis - our menopause - is a welcomed event, ending
long years of monthly aches, pains and distress. To the contrary, new
information purports that menopause is likened to a death-threat. It brings
with it tendencies toward heart disease, osteoporosis and other problematic
illnesses, not to mention the side-effect of becoming sterile.

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