Re: demo of new web tools, Nov 6, 8:45 PM, Hyatt, Palo Alto

Michael M. Butler (mbutler@comp*
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 01:30:35 -0800

I'll report back after I talk to Foresight Monday morning. Never attribute
to malice, etc... :)


Laws, David wrote:

> Hmmmm....very interesting that these 'free' web tools are protected by
> password. What does one have to do to obtain these? Also, the FAQ page
> listed off is password
> protected. Did I miss something in my haste?
> -drl
> -----Original Message-----
> "The Other Half of Hypertext" Web Software
> to be Demoed and Released for Free Use
> "Father of Hypertext" Engelbart praises new web tools
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Summary: New free web tools enable users to put their
> own comment links into any web document. Links of this new type are
> displayed, along with the original author's links, on a one-screen
> graphical display showing who agrees and disagrees with any document on
> the web.
> -----------------------------------------------------------
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